Bokwa® 4 Fitness in Nottingham

Bokwa®….it’s exciting, fun, effective and it’s taking the world by storm!

So what is Bokwa®?

It’s a new and different approach to group exercise, dance and cardio based, an effective and fun way to tone up, burn calories and lose weight! Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet whilst moving to the latest tracks, you’ll be busting moves just listening to the radio!

Simply feel the music and move with the beat and once you know the steps you can do it without following the exact choreography of the instructor.

So who can do Bokwa®?

Anyone is the short answer. Whether you’re 16 or 75, got two left feet or you’re a seasoned dancer, everyone has the same fantastic experience in the same class.

This doesn’t feel like a workout!

If you’ve not tried it, take the Bokwa® challenge, it’ll be the shortest 45 minutes you’ve ever spent working out and I challenge you not to smile!







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